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I was completely unaware of the pitfalls that surrounded employment law. Employer Advice gave me an understanding and took care of everything.

Anna Cartwright

Redundancy Advice For Irish Employers

COVID-19 is forcing many employers into tough decisions around redundancy. Redundancies are sometimes necessary to protect your business, but redundancy law is also a technical area and failing to comply with the rules can make a difficult situation worse.

Have you paid the correct redundancy pay? Did you calculate the notice periods correctly? Are there any alternatives to redundancy available? Is this a collective redundancy situation? Have you carried out a consultation process?

It’s essential that, as an employer, you ensure the above are in order prior to confirming any redundancy – or you could leave yourself open to various different claims such as unfair dismissal, discrimination, or breaches of redundancy payments legislation.

Carrying out a consultation process can be daunting, as can the potential consequences of getting it wrong. Our experts are here to assist you and we’ll make sure that all the correct steps are followed, reducing stress for you and your employees along the way. We can put you on the right path when it comes to managing redundancies, whether it’s a standard or collective redundancy, a case of layoff or short time; our experts can help.

We have experience in advising businesses of all sizes within all industry-types, so we know what it takes to provide employers with the help and peace of mind they need. With Employer Advice on your side, you can concentrate on the important task of restructuring your business to maximise efficiency and watch your business thrive and perform.

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Employment Law Advice for Employers and Business Owners

If you have a business issue, be it in relation to redundancy, employee rights, or coronavirus, Employer Advice can help. We only advise employers whereas the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC, formerly NERA) is obliged to advise both employees and employers equally. Our employment law experts are exclusively available to employers giving specialist advice on how to resolve any issue in the most convenient, speedy, and cost-effective way.

Dealing with a staff problem early can reduce the chance of a more drawn-out grievance and avoid the prospect of an employment litigation claim. Our experts are fully qualified, experienced, and fully aware of all the current legislation, case law, rules, and regulations as well as HR best practice – areas constantly changing during COVID-19.

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Employer Advice is a specialist service and you can contact us as often as you need. We are here to help employers.

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