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I was completely unaware of the pitfalls that surrounded employment law. Employer Advice gave me an understanding and took care of everything.

Anna Cartwright

Holiday Pay Advice For Irish Businesses

Managing holiday entitlements and associated payments can be a complex issue for many businesses, especially following the impact of coronavirus.

How much holiday pay is an employee entitled to? What notice of intention to take holidays should an employee give you? What happens if you can’t grant this time off? How do you calculate holiday pay and the correct amount of time off for part-time staff? Who’s entitled to benefit from the public holidays? How much annual leave or public holiday pay should you pay employees working irregular hours? An employer is expected to know the answer to all these queries if and when an employee questions Company Policies or their actual entitlements.

A clear and well-defined holiday policy will address the concerns above and ensure that you don’t run the risk of ending up in a situation where you have no staff left to run the business while they’re all on holiday.

The law surrounding staff holidays can be difficult to navigate without expert help on your side – and mistakes can prove costly for your business. Our fully qualified and trained employment law and HR experts will assist you with explaining and drafting a holiday policy to suit you and your business. They will also advise you on how to maintain records and implement such policies to staff, taking the guesswork out of managing employee holiday entitlements.

Once your annual leave policies are up to date and in place, our 24-hour advice service can assist with any day-to-day queries about annual leave entitlements or pay. Our online HRIS tool, BrightHR, can help with calculating remaining leave entitlements for every employee and produce absence/holiday leave reports and planners to take away the pain of never-ending administration associated with holidays and public holidays.

Employment Law Advice for Employers and Business Owners

If you have a business issue, be it in relation to holiday pay, employee rights, or coronavirus, Employer Advice can help. We only advise employers whereas the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC, formerly NERA) is obliged to advise both employees and employers equally. Our employment law experts are exclusively available to employers giving specialist advice on how to resolve any issue in the most convenient, speedy, and cost-effective way.

Dealing with a staff problem early can reduce the chance of a more drawn-out grievance and avoid the prospect of an employment litigation claim. Our experts are fully qualified, experienced, and fully aware of all the current legislation, case law, rules, and regulations as well as HR best practice – areas constantly changing during COVID-19.

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Employer Advice is a specialist service and you can contact us as often as you need. We are here to help employers.

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