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I was completely unaware of the pitfalls that surrounded employment law. Employer Advice gave me an understanding and took care of everything.

Anna Cartwright

Employment Contracts Support For Irish Businesses

Not only is it a legislative requirement to issue a statement of an employee’s main terms of employment within two months of starting employment, employers must also issue five core terms in writing within five days of an employee’s first day of employment. To comply with these employment laws and to manage the employment relationship, an employer should have employment contracts and handbooks in place.

Contracts can contain policies and procedures to allow employers the flexibility to move sites, amend job descriptions, or even to temporarily lay off employees or reduce their hours of work without pay in order to preserve employment during quieter times – such as during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A well-worded contract can also set the foundations of the employment relationship and ensure that an employee is fully aware of what is expected of them in their role and what will be provided in return for their performance. Where ambiguity exists as part of an employment relationship, it leaves the door open for various different interpretations and ultimately gives the control of that employment relationship over to the employee or their Union Representative, where one is involved, due to a general bias in the employees’ favour in the event of an employment claim being taken.

A well-drafted contract of employment and a clear paper-trail throughout employment provides well-documented evidence and very quickly swings the balance back in favour of the employer while enabling them to take back control of their business to be managed in the best interests of all concerned.

We understand that no two businesses are the same and we take the time to help you get the most from your employment documentation. Our fully qualified and trained employment law and HR experts will advise on bespoke documentation to suit you and your business. This documentation not only satisfies a legislative requirement, but also provides clarity to the employment relationship and ensures that you have a solid footing if you’re looking to rely upon any of its terms.

Employment Law Advice for Employers and Business Owners

If you have a business issue, be it in relation to employment contracts, employee rights, or coronavirus, Employer Advice can help. We only advise employers where the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC, formerly NERA) is obliged to advise both employees and employers equally. Our employment law experts are exclusively available to employers giving specialist advice on how to resolve any issue in the most convenient, speedy, and cost-effective way.

Dealing with a staff problem early can reduce the chance of a more drawn-out grievance and avoid the prospect of an employment litigation claim. Our experts are fully qualified, experienced, and fully aware of all the current legislation, case law, rules, and regulations as well as HR best practice – areas constantly changing during COVID-19.

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