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I was completely unaware of the pitfalls that surrounded employment law. Employer Advice gave me an understanding and took care of everything.

Anna Cartwright

Workplace Disputes & Grievances Advice

Grievances can be a very difficult subject to address in a business. When people are unable to work together, it not only affects the atmosphere in the business but also the overall productivity and performance of the business. It’s essential that an employer has a clear Grievance Policy in place to enable them and the employees to address any discomfort or issues that can crop up from time to time.

By addressing issues early or using alternatives such as professional mediation, an employer can save themselves the aggravation of dealing with more complicated issues such as employees on long-term absence due to stress, loss of revenue due to decreased productivity, claims of bullying and most importantly, claims for constructive dismissal. Small issues can quickly escalate into much bigger problems so immediate action is required, especially now during the coronavirus pandemic.

We know that the thought of a constructive dismissal claim can be a frightening prospect that can cause unwanted stress and it takes time away from running your business. We can help you avoid expensive employment claims by advising you through any internal disputes and grievances to resolve the matter before any claim is taken. It’s not always possible to resolve these matters amicably internally and in the event of a case being taken against your business, we can take control of the case on your behalf, liaise directly with the relevant employment forum, and prepare you and any other witnesses in advance of the hearing.

We will represent your business at the hearing and in consultation with you, we are, at all times, acting in the best interests of your business. We can give you the peace of mind needed that is invaluable when matters, such as an unfair dismissal claim, are putting your business at risk.

Employment Law Advice for Employers and Business Owners

If you have a business issue, be it in relation to a dispute, employee rights, or coronavirus, Employer Advice can help. We only advise employers where the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC, formerly NERA) is obliged to advise both employees and employers equally. Our employment law experts are exclusively available to employers giving specialist advice on how to resolve any issue in the most convenient, speedy, and cost-effective way.

Dealing with a staff problem early can reduce the chance of a more drawn-out grievance and avoid the prospect of an employment litigation claim. Our experts are fully qualified, experienced, and fully aware of all the current legislation, case law, rules, and regulations as well as HR best practice – areas constantly changing during COVID-19.

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