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"I was completely unaware of the pitfalls that surrounded employment law. EMPLOYER ADVICE gave me an understanding and took care of everything."

Anna Cartwright

Employment Law Advice for Employers and Business Owners.

If you have an issue with an employee we can help. We only advise employers where the Workplace Relations Commission (formerly NERA) are obliged to advise both employees and employers equally. Our experts are exclusively available to employers giving specialist advice on how to resolve any issue in the most convenient, speedy and cost-effective way.

Sometimes dealing with a staff problem early can reduce the chance of a more drawn-out grievance and avoid the prospect of an employment litigation claim. Our specialists are fully qualified, experienced and fully aware of all the current legislation, case law, rules and regulations as well as HR best practice.

Employment law is a minefield.

Employment law is a minefield. Any employer who has dealt with an employment matter in the workplace, whether an internal dispute or an external formal employment claim, can vouch for the fact that it is a long, tedious and stressful situation. In addition, it is almost an impossible task for any employer to keep up to date with existing and upcoming legislation, relevant case law and changes to HR best practice, ensure their employment documentation is fully compliant AND try to maintain and grow a viable business on a day to day basis.

Therefore, many employers come to us for assistance in allowing them to concentrate on running their business and manage the important tasks at hand. We take the mystery out of employment law and HR matters by providing support at every stage of the ‘employee life-cycle’. For example;

  • Employment Handbooks & Contracts
  • A 24 Hour Advice Service
  • Tribunal Representation
  • A Cloud-Based HR Information System
  • Face To Face Consultancy Services
  • Regular HR & Employment Law Updates
  • EAP & Occupational Health services

Trust Employer Advice’s 35 years’ experience and expertise to take away your staff management, HR and employment law stresses.

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